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T-Shirt and Memory Quilts

***Custom memory and t-shirt quilts usually take 8-10 weeks to complete, as I work on them in between longarming quilt tops, however, you will need to place your order by 10/1 for a guaranteed Christmas finish and 3/1 for Graduation


T-Shirt Quilt

Want a great way to show off those T-shirts and sweatshirts that you’ve collected over the years? Let us make them into a quilt for you to use in the bedroom, family room, or to hang on the wall. 

For your sports fan, how about a wall hanging made from 12 shirts they want to show off but don’t wear? Why not send your college student off on their new adventure with a “Little piece of Home” by making a throw-size quilt from their high school activity shirts so they can wrap themselves in them while studying or missing home. I have made quilts from the following types of shirts: Sports teams,children’s school activities, Harley shirts, runners shirts, motor scooter clubs, sorority shirts, vacation travel shirts, dance competition shirts, and the list goes on.

Memory Quilt

It is hard to know what to do with all of your loved ones clothes.  Why not turn them into a beautiful Memorial Quilt that will bring you comfort and preserve their memorable clothing. Items that can be used are t-shirts, dress shirts, knit shirts, ties and sweat shirts, to name a few.

To make a memory/t-shirt quilt, all you have to do is bring or mail me 9 to 49 shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, etc., and I do all the work. I will cut, lay out, sew together, add backing and batting and then quilt them. Borders and sashing may be added if you want. Above are the 2 styles of quilts I make-block or mosaic style.  Which one do you like best?  I am looking forward to making one for you.

I have elected to go with a "per shirt" pricing model. With mosaic style, it's hard to determine the final size beforehand because it depends on the graphics of the shirts.  Mosaic blocks are cut into various sizes ranging from smallest at 4"x4" to largest at 16"x16". 20 shirts made mosaic style will most likely finish smaller than the traditional block style finish of approx. 50x60 but the work to prepare the shirts and blocks remain the same! 

Prices for both T-shirt and Memory quilts are $22 per shirt for regular grid style and $25 per shirt for mosaic style or to add sashing in between blocks on the traditional.  (This applies to the first 20 shirts-any additional shirts are charged at $20 and $22)

***If using both sides of a double sided t-shirt that counts as 2- if you have 10 double sided t-shirts and you want both sides used it counts as 20 shirts


Prices include:

  • ALL materials used doe cutting, interfacing, lay-out & sewing of shirts 

  • Cuddle fabric for backing (any quilt larger than 80" will get a cotton backing +$25)

  • One layer of batting of your choice

  • Quilting with an Economy design- **alternate designs +$50

  • Machine binding in your choice of available binding colors


Types of Shirts: You can mix most types of shirts, t-shirts, sweat shirts, etc
Normal turnaround time is approximately 8-10 weeks

***Prices are based on amount of shirts used and not overall size.  

  Smaller shirts make a smaller quilt!


Additional Services Available

  • Add Photo Square $20.00

  • Rush Orders $75.00

  • Shipping and Handling $25.00 – includes box and insurance – UPS

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